Kenyans are very good at inventing things especially when it comes to sex. They, especially women will do anything to spice up their bedroom affairs.

Here are tips you can adopt. Once you try them, you’ll never look back.

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Well, from the coconut sex style to having sex in public places, here are weird sex experiments by Nairobians.

  1. Coconut style

It was introduced on a popular Facebook page by Kenyan women. This saw many try it at home although most failed terribly.

Basically, it involves a woman being on top of a man (who’s lying on his back) and spelling the coconut word using her waist (moving it slowly according to the shape letters).

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2. Using Strepsils Cool sensation for a blow job

Strepsils Cool is known for it’s fast, soothing and effective relief from sore throats.

Each lozenge contains a combination of antibacterials to help kill the bacteria which can cause sore throat and mouth infections. It contains cooling menthol for that instant cooling sensation in the throat.

Women are banking on the instant cooling sensation in Strepsils to stimulate sex. Before the action, Strepsils are taken orally and once you take on the blow job, a man can cream in his pants two minutes into it.

3. Using sex stimulants

Some women use powders or different concoctions to tighten their vajayjays, in short, ‘regain their virginity tautness’.

According to some users, it makes women very horny, super wet, improves the tone and strength of vaginal muscles which helps in strengthening the vaginal grip.

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4. Having sex in public

Some people are daring or rather experimental and having sex in a public park is not something everyone will do.

People are now moving away from having sex in the bedroom, to the kitchen to parks just to spice up their relationships.

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