You have probably heard a woman say that a man turns her off in bed, this may come as a shocker especially if the couple is married.

Sex is a time when a couple is supposed to get the couple ‘together’ but personally there are things that really put a woman off in a man.

We have detailed them below. Go through and let us know if you relate or nah.

1. A verbally abusive man

Women rarely forget things you tell them whether good or bad.

When a man is abusive it puts a woman off because every time they try to get kinky with him, his mean words keep replaying n her head. The fire dies and that day, nobody is getting off.

You will have to hit the showers. A cold shower to cool things off.

2. A sloppy kisser

A sloppy kisser is a turn off for any woman. Who wants to end up swallowing a gallon of saliva in the name of kissing?

If you are not a good kisser stick to what you know best ingine achia magwiji.

Couple In Bed

Pelvic floor exercises can help men with erectile dysfunction

3. Men who love an#l sex

When God put that opening there he made it purposely for excretion purposes.

I do not understand why some men make a fuss, ati, if you won’t give him an#l he will dump you.

Go right ahead.

Do it, dude! What the hell are you waiting for?

4. Men who don’t know when a woman orgasms

There is nothing as annoying to a woman than a man who keeps asking ‘Babe umekam?’

Nikam twende wapi?

If you were doing your job the way you should, the result would be very obvious. So if you want to know if I have orgasmed or not just do your job majibu itajileta baadaye.

In this day and age, if you don’t know how to identify a woman who has reached sexual climax chukua virago urudi ushago.

5. A one minute man

Let no woman lie to you that they are okay with you being a 1-minute man. Hata jiko huwaka na zaidi ya dakika moja.

Instead of downing tonnes of beer how about you eat some mukombero and boost that libido ASAP.

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