Jacque Maribe-Governor Obado

2018 has been an interesting year. From France being crowned the 2018 World Cup champions to Black Panther (Wakanda) taking over the world, indeed many enjoyed this year.

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But to some, the likes of Jacque Maribe and Sharon Otieno’s family was quite challenging and a dark one. This year Maribe spent close to a month in jail after a man she was engaged to Joseph Irungu aka Jowie was named the main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Both Maribe and Jowie were arrested and she was later released on bail, while Jowie is in remand until next years when the case will be heard.

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On the other hand, Sharon Otieno, a university student of Rongo University was brutally killed and her body dumped in a forest. It was a tough time for her family and her and after spending more than a month in a morgue, her body was then buried.

Well, below is a list of the most searched personalities and events in 2010 in Kenya, go through;

Top Trending Searches- Kenya

World Cup 2018

Sharon Otieno

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Miguna Miguna

KCPE 2018 results

Alexis Sanchez



Jackie Maribe

Black Panther

Rose Muhando

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Top Trending Events 2018

World Cup 2018

Raila swearing-in

Lunar Eclipse

Lecturers’ strike

Royal Wedding

KDF recruitment 2018

Winter Olympics

Migori by-election

Zimbabwe elections

Ali Kiba wedding

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Top Trending Global Personalities

Alexis Sanchez


Rose Muhando

Meghan Markle

Bobi Wine

Kofi Annan

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Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang

Croatia President

Prince Harry

Billy Graham

Top Trending Local Personalities

Sharon Otieno

Miguna Miguna

Jackie Maribe

Babu Owino

Kanze Dena

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Okoth Obado

Kenneth Matiba

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor

Monica Kimani

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Joseph Kamaru

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