Being a victim is never in anybody’s diary but some people have mastered the art of playing a victim just to earn people’s empathy.

Mulamwah a Kenyan comedian is a perfect example, he has been doing it for the longest time. This is not coming from a place of hate, am just pointing out that maybe things should have been done differently. Mulamwah has a tendency of verbally attacking people online and then when people retaliate he starts behaving like a martyr.

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One time Kamene Goro posted a picture of herself chilling beside a swimming pool. Mulamwah made a comment of how all the water would splash out of the pool if Kamene dived in. Now, this is just mean, its body shaming in its high horse.

The radio presenter during her morning show with Jalang’o, expressed her dislike for the Kitale bred comic. She frankly said she doesn’t like Mulamwah. If you saw what Mulamwah had said about her, you would understand where Kamene from coming from.

The comedian responded to her with a tweet telling her to leave him alone. Now, why abuse and make fun of someone’s body then pretend like you are the one who is hurting the most?

This is not the first time he has done this, sometime back he used to exchange words with twitter keyboard warriors. They went at each other for a while then he pulled out the victim card; he burned his shirt because allegedly the haters were doing the most.

Maybe he was genuinely depressed but why blame it on others, he was also insulting people. Did he expect the people he was insulting to smile and send mpesa??.

You type words knowing too well it’s gonna hurt someone, that person sees it and insults you back, then you start crying of how you have so many haters. Sometimes you are your own biggest enemy. If you want people to treat you nicely then be nice, don’t ask for something you can’t offer.

If you were paying attention in high school then you must have heard something about every action having an equal and opposite reaction.

If you do something bad today, trust me it will come right back to you. People do a lot ‘innocent’ things online these days, but as long as your intentions were not pure it will just bring tears and suffering.

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Shakila went on Xtians live and teased herself with a remote, she did lots of other nasty stuff. As usual her actions came back to haunt her, this is a teenager who masturbated on Instagram live.

Later one people went ham on her and she blamed it on the alcohol, poor liquor has taken the Blame for a lot of evil in this world. Like some women say they smashed a guy because they were drunk, no you were just horny, stop ruining the good name of alcohol.

My point is people should just own up when they fuck up, not pointing fingers. Shakila was on Bonga na Jalas, she was asked if her parents have called her out about her actions, she went on about how she is not that close with her dad.

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So her parents forced her to go live naked? All that she did that night, she wanted to do it in fact she knew perfectly well what she was doing. She knew something like that would make quite a noise online.

Shakila did all this and when people started making fun of her, she blamed her parents and alcohol. Whatever happened to apologies? Nobody will crucify you just because you tripped, only hypocrites will judge you.

Life is a journey, a very long one and so we are bound to get lost once in a while. And whenever you miss your way don’t start taking about how you were misled, accept that it was all you, and own your decisions.

Take control of your life so that when things go wrong you don’t start looking for scapegoats. Playing the victim card for clout is shallow and stupid, we can do better.

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