Kasarani pastor Susan Munene has been the topic of discussion on social media for the better part of this week.

The woman of God, who is the co-founder of Overcomers Hope Ministries, became an internet sensation after encouraging couples to “twa twa” (have sex).

“Sex is the only game that God created, think about it. Football, rugby, netball are all manmade,’ she told couples at a recent seminar.

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Susan said she and her pastor husband Joseph Munene do it (twa twa) anywhere.

“Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tukue kitu kimoja na pastor is sex. We can have sex anywhere. Garini twa twa, kitchen twa twa, everywhere [If there’s one thing that keeps me and pastor together, it’s sex…In the car twa twa, kitchen twa twa],” the woman of God said.

Pastor Susan and her husband

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The video, which went viral, drew mixed reactions, with many supporting the woman of the cloth. Some even expressed interest in joining her church.

Local artists Victor Uty and Ochungulo Family jumped on the trend and released songs titled Twa twa.

Well, apart from twa twa, here are other ways of talking about sex without being vulgar:





Ku stamp


Tip tip

Kutoa kutu

Kupiga kuni


Mchezo wa kiuno

Kupeana rungu.

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