Zari, Diamond and Tanasha
Zari, Diamond and Tanasha in one lovely portrait

Zari Hassan has never wasted a moment in letting Tanasha Donna know that Diamond will eventually turn on her.

Like clockwork, Diamond unleashed a song titled, Inama, where he confesses that all he has is nothing but love for Zari and his two children, yet the same love has hurt him so.

“Love has brought enmity between my children and I. Nowadays I don’t see them physically. I only see them on Instagram,” Diamond sings in his new single.

Zari and Diamond

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This comes after he unfollowed his two children and showed love to his other son he fathered with Hamisa.

In the lyrics, he adds, “Love is not something you can read in a book. Love made Harmonize chase away Mwarabu (Wasafi bodyguard rumoured to have had an affair with his bae, Sarah)”

Responding to this obvious dig on her dignity and person, Zari sent out a cryptic post calling him out on his publicity stunts and PR gimmicks to sell his music.

Zari  said,

Anyways what’s popping now that Ramadan is done. I see you getting back to your old habits😁, yes you 👉😂


Meanwhile, Tanasha and Diamond have been partying their heads off. They were spotted at Gosip Lounge in Lavington having a jolly good time.

Fans also pointed out that Tanasha’s baby bump is now showing.

Read all about that in the link below.

Video of Tanasha’s baby bump goes viral!

Since the two are now expecting a child. Zari also gave them a bit of advice to tide them through the turbulent times ahead.

Zari wrote on her Facebook page saying,

MEN, when you marry a wife you marry her for yourself not for your mother. You should stop making your mothers shareholders in your marriages, your mother is your father’s wife not your first wife. You are making life difficult for your wives…


In a past interview, Tanasha said that she is not going to rush into marriage just yet. She is taking her time to get to know Diamond.

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