Papa Dennis

A memorial service was held for Papa Dennis yesterday at Nairobi Chapel. Many people including top celebrities converged at the Ngong Road church to pay their last tributes.

Papa Dennis

His fellow artists gave tributes to him by singing a song then later donate something small to encourage the family.

‘I remember when my father passed away a few years ago, Papa Dennis came all the way with his team to support me. Therefore it gives me so much honor to be here today,’ Gloria muliro told Mpasho.

Gloria later paid her tribute by blessing the crowd with a beautiful song.

Papa Dennis memorial mass

Papa Dennis had taken in three street boys, five years ago, who used to live under the bridge at Global roundabout during a street children party that had been held at Uhuru Gardens by the Maliza Umaskini Foundation.

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He rented a house for them but two of them were chased away due to their misbehaviour.

The one who remained, well known as Omosh, who now owns a house, a motorbike and is not only a husband but also the father of two was also there to pay his tribute.

Papa Dennis memorial mass

Ringtone who is said to have been working very closely with the family also gave his tribute.

”papa Dennis is a boy who has died before fulfilling his all dreams since he started doing music after me and I’m still doing it But as a christian I’d like to say everyone is born for a reason and the lord w

ho is the creator takes whenever it is time to. 

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RingtoneMay the lord lay his soul beneath the wings of divine presence. And to those who loved papa, he has not died but has just gone ahead of us and everyone is on that path so just do good and go.”Ringtone

He later blessed the congregation with his well-known song ‘tenda wema nenda zako’.

Mr Seed

Mr Seed, J Blessing and Ole Willy were also in attendance.

Mr Seed said,

”Papa was my friend, we used to meet during football that we play during weekends. Mjukuu who has been my boss for a sometime is the one who made papa and I become close.”


I remember the last conversation I had with him he called me to discuss music and we agreed and the next time I went to Ngara I reached there 20 mins after he had fallen and it was so heartbreaking, I felt so bad. He was very humble. So sorry to his family and friends its hard but its God’s plan.Rest in peace papa,’ Mr. Seed said.

Mr Seed also performed his song as part of his tribute to the fallen star.

Another entertainment personality who paid tribute was J Blessing. He said,

”I’ve known papa Dennis for over seven years and the first time he came to my office he was brought by Sadat and i did his first big song. I remember trying to tell him to cut off his dreads just to put him into character because that’s what i do best.

Papa Dennis

J Blessing continued,

I’ve seen him do so many great things and he has always been calm even though some people said he did not have talent. I remember him a very cool and silent boy you wouldn’t know what was happening in his life.This has been very heavy in our heart and I wish the family well.The best we can do in this world is be good to others and to yourself.”

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Gospel star, Ole Willy told Mpasho,

”papa was a very good friend of mine. we’ve not related musically but as a family. Apart from daddy Owen, he is the only artist who has come to my upcountry. His death surprised us. we don’t know if he was killed or he committed suicide. If he committed, I don’t see any reason know why he did it.

Papa DennisI know he had stress but mjukuu had managed most of them. He was going to own the studio and he knew it, he also had a trip with US. Most of he stress had been taken care of. But as a christian, I want to believe he is in a better place for us Christians when you live its a loss and when you die its a gain so papa has gained,” ole willy mourned.

His twin brother Simon performed one of Papa Dennis’ song which was a very emotional moment.

Simon Mwangi

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Refigah who also graced the event also remembered his time with Papa Dennis.

Papa Dennis memorial mass

”As Muslims, we say, That is the way we shall all pass, only the timing is different. I was very shocked when i saw it on social media and I remember meeting him two months ago in jahmuri and he told me that is where he was leaving then he told me what he was planning to do, recording a new album and all that and we never talked again.The next time i heard about him is when the incident was out. I actually saw it on social media. I met him the first time he came to Nairobi when Sadat brought him. They were a group of 8 men and 1 girl called m.u. family and I actually did their first album before he went solo. We lived together during the whole recording for 2 months and he was doing well but as they say God is the one who knows the expiry date for everyone. I’d like to wish him well and may the lord rest his soul in perfect peace,” said refigah.

Vivian Kenya was also there to give her last respects and pay tribute.

Ringtone APoko

“It is a great blow as a fellow artiste because I knew him personally. we recorded together in the same studio at the beginning of our career. we met in and out of studio. It is an unfortunate turn of events but its the world we live in. I wish things were better and we had better solutions for I feel like it is a premature death but I pray that wherever he is and may his soul rest in peace,” Vivian said.

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Jalango and DJ Mo were also present.

DJ MO and Jalang'o

Jaguar was also there to support and encourage the family of the late Papa Dennis.

Later people were allowed to view the body after the service was offer.

Gloria Muliro

Papa Dennis memorial mass

May his soul forever rest beneath the wings of divine presence.

Papa Dennis memorial mass

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