Many have talked about the 100 bob wedding couple. Their simplistic life and pure love for each other has touched everyone who has come across their life story. Well, here is a background story on the 100 bob groom, Wilson Mutura Wanjohi.

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Wilson was employed as a fruit seller at Kasarani. Note: He did not own the fruit stand, he was an employee. That did not stop him from loving his job and executing it to the best of his abilities.

According to social media activist Ndungu Nyoro, Wilson was passionate about everything he did from his job to serving the church as a choir member.

He says,”When it came to church matters, he served God with all his heart and soul. He is a member of praise and worship team. The morning before their Kshs 100 wedding, he danced passionately during praise and worship session before dashing to buy the two rings that would be used for their ‘ceremony’. Wilson happily wedded Anne in the simplest wedding of the year. And because he honoured God, our Lord honoured him too.”

The couple had a grand do-over wedding on Valentine’s day surrounded by friends and family. Check out the photos in the link below.

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Wilson is still stunned at how his life has changed. He doesn’t have to go back to his job as a fruit vendor but rather, he can become a supplier of fruits and fresh produce to his former boss. They got a 1 million bob wedding present that will cater for that.

Posting a photo of his days as fruit vendor beside the photos of his honeymoon, Wilson wrote on his Facebook page,

“COMPARE now, God is always faithful.”

Wilson Mutura

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