Kenyan music took a different turn that saw music composition improve and become different altogether.

New young acts defied all set blueprints to music composition and came with a fresh sound popularly known as Gengetone.

Here are some of the founder groups.

1. Ethic Entertainment

This group made it’s debut after releasing their hit song in 2018 which gathered them over a million views on YouTube before the video was pulled down.

The group comprises of four guys nameley Zila, Seska, Reckless and Swat (Mtoto wa Eunice).

The group has made great progress over the years by releasing some of the biggest club bangers from Lamba lolo, Position Saba Instagram, Pandana, Figa and their new hit Chapa chapa.

They are also referred to as the the godfathers of the new Nairobi wave.

2.Ochunglo Family

Ochunglo family is also a popular group comprising of Nelly The Goon, Benzema and Dmore who reside from Langata area, Nairobi.

The group is know to make their music from current happenings and current events.

Could be from popular said phrases or trending phrases that grab the audience attention.

Popular for songs such as Krimino, Na Iwake, Bora uhai, Kaa na mama yako and their latest track Mbinginjii imekulwa na ndongi.

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3. Sailors Gang.

Nairobi’s hottest group right about now with ladies’ sweetheart being the leader.

The group blew up after releasing the song wamlambez back in 2018.

The group comprises of Miracle baby, Masilver, Shalkido, Lexxy yung and Qoqosjuma.

So far they are the fastest rising stars in New Nairobi wave.Known for their popular hits Wamlambez, Pekejeng, Queen B Machine and Wainame among other hits.

4. Sailors Gang.

Boondocks gang is the also one group to watch out for. They are fast rising stars comprising of young men Xray, Maddox and Furnace.

They originally claims that their name means ghetto and are trying to create a unique wave.

The group is well know for their hit songs Rieng, Mboko Haram among many more.

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4Rico Gang

Popular music trio comprising of a lady and two gents. Rico became a name after they dropped their song titled f*ckboy which garnered over half a million views.

They are known for songs such as, Chachisha, Umama, Kimonyoski and their latest song Bluetooz Dewise.