As we walk into the new year, it is all about new year resolutions for most people and just like everyone else the Kiss FM breakfast duo; Kamene Goro and Jalang’o, have their ‘new year – new me’ plan.

They are sharing relationship advice with fans that help to elevate oneself.

Kamene Goro emphasized the relevance of carrying oneself with pride for a high valued woman as Jalas shared tips with women on how to elevate oneself.

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With the new year comes a lot of lessons we have picked from over the years that we probably want to work on.

For Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro her advice was on ladies distancing themselves for being called ‘uko na maringo’ meaning a lady with pride.

For the presenter he assures fans that it is okay to be proud, terming it as the best thing one can do.

“Imagine it is okay kuringa… If anything it is the best thing you can do for yourself.”

She assured fans. For her, pride helps to keep a woman into becoming highly valued, respected and safe.

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She takes it as an opportunity to slam jokers as men would not bring their nonsense if they know the lady is full of herself as goes further to reveal that she brags about her eloquence in English.

For her co-host Jalang’o, he seconds Kamene Goro take, pointing out that a proud lady enables a man to chase more, makes the man elevate his chasing skills and enables the man to prepare on how to chase the woman.

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Heavy J as he is commonly referred to as also cautioned men on living beyond their means.

“If you can’t afford it, you would rather be home.”

The funnyman also shared with fans ways to elevate themselves by becoming open to reading more in order to learn more.

For him, as one goes around carrying their head high it is also important to fill their head with knowledge.

“Soma kitu jua kitu. Know something juu uko na kitu ya kuringa nayo.” He said.

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