Kenyan anchors

Kenya is one of the Africa’s nations that have produced the best journalists worldwide. From BBC presenter Sophy Ikenye to award winning journalists like John Allan Namu, Anne Mawathe, Judith Kosgei just to mention but a few, we are indeed proud of our sons and daughters.

But we have another clique of men and women who made the media industry what it is today. They always brightened faces and left us glued to both radio and TV just to listen to them update us on what’s going on. Some left the media and ventured into the PR business while others switched careers entirely. We really miss them and if wishes were horses, we would love for them to come back to our screens and airwaves.

PLEASE COMEBACK! Here Are The Prodigal Sons And Daughters We Need Back On Kenyan TV

Nowadays, a new crop of news anchors are ruling the airwaves and many golden oldies media personalities like of Njoroge Mwaura, Catherine Kasavuli, Omuga Kabisae are slowly being forgotten by Kenyans.

Well, below is a list of your favorite anchors who back in the day, were the queens and kings of the Kenyan media industry and what they are up to today. Go through the list below:

  1. Catherine Kasavuli formerly KBC, KTN and Citizen TV. She is the CEO of  Kasavuli media Group Company.

2. Njoroge Mwaura:  Worked at KTN and CItizen for several years before he retired.

Njoroge Mwaura

3. Leonard Mambo Mbotela ex-KBC presenter and anchor

Leonard Mambo Mbotela

4. Nyatichi Nyasani formerly NTV, KBC, KISS 100, K24. She is the director, brand Magnets & Kezesha Ltd. Kenya. Public Relations and Communications

Nyatichi Nyasani


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5. Richard Chacha formerly NTV, he is the head of communications department,  Mombasa County

Rchard Chacha

6. Michele Morgan formerly K24 now works at Extreme Sports


7. Edmund Mudibo; Formerly KBC: Now CEO at Forward Vision Communications.


8. Winnie Mukami: NTV & KBC- Now a PR consultant/director at Winners Frontiers International.

Winnie Mukami

9. Jackline Kamonya: KBC. Now a Nurse in the US

“Jacqueline Kamonya of the sukuma wiki kipenzi was the hottest presenter on KBC #kenyainthe90s,” Omondi.

Jackline Kamonya

10. Patrick Rukwaro; Now at Internews Kenya and presenter at Inooro

Patrick Rukwaro

11. Alfred Michael Murithi, Kenya Paka Power Show

12. Mercy Oburu: News editor at Royal Media services

Mercy Oburu

13. Jackline Thom: She was Miss Kenya 1985 and represented the country at that year’s Miss World competition before joining KTN. She was also the editor-in-chief of Drum East Africa magazine and she played a role on KTN series Better Days.

Jaqueline Thom

14. Christine Nguku: Formerly KTN, now Proprietor at Mbaitu FM and a Communications and Journalism lecturer at Kenya Methodist University.

Christine Nguku

15. Kathleen Openda: Head of Corporate Affairs, Wananchi Group

Kathleen Openda

16. Agawo Patrobas: Still at Ramogi FM

17. Meria Mata

18. Ali Salim Manga formerly KBC now at Standard media group

Ali Manga

19. Maddo(Paul Kelemba/crocodilus niloticus) a political cartoonist at Standard media group

Paul Kelemba

20. Robert Nagila formerly NTV now CCTV Overseas Correspondent, CCTV NEWS

Robert Nagila

21. Zain Verjee

Formerly Capital FM, KTN and CNN. She is the CEO of Zain Verjee Group company which a consultancy and advice on programming for businesses and investors

Zain Verjee

22. Peninah Karibe former NTV’s news girl and CCTV’s news anchor

Peninah Karibe

23. Peter Kimeu; Ulimwengu waMmichezo

24. John Irungu, Kahawa wiki hii, KBC


25. Charles Omuga Kabisaeeeeeh formerly KBC

26. Esther Arunga former KBC and KTN news anchor. She is currently in Australia after her marriage to Quincy Timberlake turned sour


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27. Jack Oyoo Silvester veteran  football commentator and analyst

Jack Oyoo Silvester

29. Ngwata Francis of the meteorological department on KBC


30. Jasmine Martin. KBC then Citizen tv then Ebru. She is now at K24

Jasmine Martin

31. Ramah Nyang formerly of KTN now at CCTV.

Ramah Nyang

32. John Karani -KBC English service now at Kiss FM, TZ.

33. Omuga Kabisaeee ex KBC anchor. He was known for programmes such as; Matangazo ya vifo and Saalam.


34. Zain Noor former Citizen TV anchor

Zain Noor

35.  Gladys Gachanja works at NTV

36. Betty Kathambi formerly NTV

37. Edward Kadilo formerly KBC works with NHK Japan as a Kiswahili specialist

Edward Kadilo

38. Badi Muhsin formerly KBC TV

Badi Muhsin