It seems that public figures are now following after the footsteps of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, who declared his wealth yesterday.

Just Like Bob Collymore, Boniface Mwangi Declares His Wealth And Leaves Many Shocked (Video)

After him, activist and photojournalist Boniface Mwangi went ahead to reveal his wealth, to the surprise of many during Jeff Koinange Live on KTN.

Just Like Bob Collymore, Boniface Mwangi Declares His Wealth And Leaves Many Shocked (Video)

Well, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) CEO Joshua Oigara has decided to follow suit and also declare his wealth, as part of the ongoing efforts by government to push for transparency in the private sector to tame widespread corruption


In his declaration, Mr Oigara said his net worth is currently Ksh220 Million, made up of total assets of Ksh350 Million and loan obligations of Ksh130 Million.

His monthly salary and allowances total Ksh4.9 Million. The assets are in the form of land, buildings, motor vehicle, cash bank balances, and shares.

My public declaration is driven by the need for us as private sector players to initiate greater transparency. Kenya is bleeding from corruption mainly driven by secrecy in organizational operations. Corruption takes away equal opportunity and hurts growth by consuming funds which could otherwise have gone into social and economic projects like health and education.

Mr.Oigara also added that bribing has become a big hindrance to financial growth in Kenya;

We need to push for a drastic cultural shift to bring up a generation that believes in hard work. One that is devoid of taking shortcuts to get access to services. One that believes that they don’t have to pay bribes to get access to schools, job internships, promotions and work placements. One where SMEs and other businesses do not have to bribe to get tenders in corporations and government agencies.


As an ethical company, the CEO said, KCB Group gives an equal opportunity to everyone for example going for the best job seekers and suppliers.

As a person, I have always believed in working hard to get what I want. Corruption is robbing many Kenyans an opportunity to excel.
I have had to work hard for the past 18 years in different companies and capacities. I started off as a teacher in my rural village, earning Ksh5,000 a month. I have grown to be the CEO of East Africa’s leading bank with annual revenue of Ksh60 billion. Over time, that has allowed me to acquire what I have.

Let’s wait and see who will be next in the welth declaration race.