MC's in Kenya

Being a master of ceremony (MC) has become the next big job in Kenya.

These MCs are racking in hundreds of thousands and some millions and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Below are some of the most sought after MC’s in Kenya.

  1. Big Tedd

Big Ted – real name Thomas Kwaka – is one of the most sought after MC in Kenya. He hosts events organized by the government.

His fees run into millions.


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2. Jalangoo

Jalango has joined the list of the highest-paid MCs in Kenya.

He MC’ed during an Obama event in 2018.

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV, Jalang’o said that after he learnt President Obama was coming to Kenya, he jokingly told his co-host Jeff Koinange that he was going to MC at the event.

“One morning on Hot 96, the news of Obama coming to town was all over so I told Jeff ‘you know that when Obama comes to town I will be the MC?’ as a joke. And I went on Youtube and told people about how I will do it.”

Jalas recounted his conversation with the team from Gina Din.

“Then the team from Gina Din watched the video and they called me. Lorna Irungu told me that ‘do you know some dreams come true. Guess who the MC for Obama is?’ Jalango said he was not aware. ‘You are the MC’.” he was told.

In one of his roles as an MC

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The comedian revealed that he had to undergo a rigorous interview and meetings with the Secret Service after he was selected for the lucrative job.

According to Mzee Jalas, the process of hosting Obama was so thorough that at times he was not allowed to operate his own mobile phone.

“You just don’t wake up and be the MC for Obama. It is a long process. We had at least six meetings and plus a rehearsal.”

3. Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is also an MC apart from being a radio host with Classic 105.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

4. Robert Burale

The stylish pastor Robert Burale is also among the most sought after masters of ceremony. So serious is he about his job that he runs an outfit called Robert Burale company.

The company provides professional MCing services.

Robert Burale

5. Chris Kirwa

Celebrated event organizer Chris Kirwa is among the pioneer MC’s in Kenya.

Speaking during a past interview Kirwa said that he has Mc’ed so many events.

“My life has been revolving around beauty pageantry and events creation. I have judged all the big beauty events you can think about.

Chris Kirwa and Amina Abdi

I have also mc’ed a hundred and one entertainment shows, some of which I can hardly recall.”

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