Captain Kale

Outspoken Classic 105 fan Captain Kale is known for his unapologetic opinions. The regular Classic 105 caller has shared a list of women, who he says can’t keep a man.

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From career women to those from wealthy families, Captain Kale says only a few from this category can keep a man.

1. The most beautiful women

It takes the holy spirit only to make a beautiful woman to get in a marriage. They are on high demand. Mark you, many beautiful ladies are still single. They use their beauty as a tool for money-making.

2. The most educated women

It is the grace of God for a woman with a degree, masters, or a PhD to stay in a marriage. Their qualifications make them independent. Most high ranked women are rich, single or divorced.

3. Women from rich families

Women raised by rich parents find it difficult to get married because they want the same environment they grew up in when it comes to marriage. They can’t be advised by anyone.

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4. The anointed women of God

Most spiritual women have no husbands. They are either divorced or single. They only listen to their spiritual fathers. Speaking in tongues will never make you a wife, only a submissive woman will stay in a marriage.

NB: These are Kale’s exact words and not the writer’s