Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy Kiuna are known to be senior pastors and the founders of the Jubilee Christian church.
They are well respected within the church and their social circles.
However, one of their daughters, Vanessa Kovac is cut from an entirely different cloth.
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Vanessa opened up about her life as she was speaking on Woman Without Limits in 2017.
She went to pursue her tertiary studies in law at the highly-rated Murdoch University to study.
Vanessa mentioned that she was glad for the new-found independence and the chance to pursue her life away from the parents’ shadow when she first left the country.
Before that, she was alarmed that things were not too difficult for her.

“It was being on my own helped me grow, first of all out of the public eye and without everyone else around me. I think that is probably the best thing you guys did for me because I became very strong and independent,” she told the show host.

Vanessa Kiuna worked as a bartender and waitress at an establishment known as Modo Mio in Australia.
This was between September 2013 and December 2015 while she was still a student.
At that time, some of her roles were greeting people coming to the bar, making and serving drinks to the restaurant customers.
Also, she used to create special cocktails for special occasions.
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Vanessa also used to keep customers entertained as she waited tables.
In addition, she opened and closed the bar and also handled cashier duties.
Immediately she completed her Graduate Diploma in law, she was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia National Diploma.
That was in November 2015.
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She returned to school in 2016 and pursued a masters degree in Law which she completed in 2018.
After this, she got a job as a legislation officer for the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in Western Australia.
At the moment, she is a Senior Project Officer and Inspector at the Government of Western Australia’s Finance Department.
This is a post she has been serving in for over 1 year.
Kiuna described Vanessa as a person who has always been strong and independent who preferred to write her own life story as opposed to being told what to do or to be handed things.
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She echoed her mother’s sentiments with the insistence that she never wanted anyone to take credit for what she had done, except for herself and God.

Vanessa was very clear about her understanding of faith.

However, she has never been keen about following her parent’s path despite societal pressure.

“I am a pastor’s kid, not a pastor. I have not chosen this life. I appreciate all the things that my parents do more than you can imagine and I thank God that I was raised in a certain manner, but we are all set to make our own mistakes and choices. I have chosen a completely different path,” she stated.

In conclusion, Vanessa is married to her long-time friend Robert Kovac who she met in Australia.

They are blessed with one child.

Here are some of their family photos.