Joho and Waiguru

Politicians from Jubilee and Nasa among other parties have already arrived at Mama Ngina Drive ahead of today’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) meeting.

Everyone seems to have been eagerly waiting for this big day and photos from the event show politicians especially females dressed in their best outfits from head to toe. No one wants to trend as the worst dressed.

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All the male politicians in Raila Odinga camp wore white shirts with a touch of African.

Raila Odinga
Nasa leader Raila Odinga and politicians from his camp

Below are the photos from the BBI event taken by Charles Mghenyi and John Chesoli.

Ali Joho
Governors Ali Joho and Ann Waiguru showcase dancing skills

Ali Joho BBI meeting

Raila Odinga and governor Awiti
Raila Odinga and governor Awiti in Mombasa

Aisha Jumwa

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 Kipchumba Murkomen BBI meeting BBI meeting
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