Jacque and Jowie
L-R: Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court

Denis Itumbi is at Milimani High Court to support his best friend Jacque Maribe as the trial of Monica Kimani’s murder starts today.

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Itumbi looked sharp dressed in a blue suit, bow tie, red half sweater, and white shirt as he spoke to Jowie, who’s the main suspect in the murder of the businesswoman.

Jowie and Dennis Itumbi in court
Jowie and Dennis Itumbi in court

Monica Kimani was killed on 19 September and her body dumped in a bathtub at her apartment, Lamuria Gardens off Dennis Pritt.

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The prosecutor pointed out that the recent media coverage has led to some witnesses pulling out.

Justice Wakiaga, who is handling the case, told court reporters who denied writing stories on the case to let editors go to court so that they [court] could decide if they’re given the go-ahead to cover the case or not.

Maribe, who was arrested after Monica’s murder and later released on bond, is also set to appear in court today.

Justice James Wakiaga
Justice James Wakiaga

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Itumbi, who’s in court has shared the prosecution opening statement, which reads,

Monica Nyawira Kimani was born on 12th October 1990.

She sat her KCPE exams at Stepping Stone Academy.

KCSE at Kasri Secondary School.

Vibrant teenager and full of life.

She pursued a 3-year course in International Relations at Kenya Poly

Until her demise, she was working in Juba in South Sudan.

She was a go-getter. Did it have to end this way?

She was a Citizen. A daughter. A sister. A friend and a business Partner.

The prosecution will answer the question on who inflicted the fatal injuries on her.

We will call witnesses to prove that on that day she flew from Juba to Kenya.

2. We will prove that Jowie was left in her company and deceased was found dead in her bathtub.

3. We will prove there was a cover-up by Jacque and Jowie.

4. We will prove that the two accused can be deemed as primary offenders.

5. We will prove the death was not natural.

6. We will call evidence to show that at the time of the crime both Jowie and Jacque suffered no mental condition.

7. We will at the end show that both accused persons are guilty of murder.