Eric Omondi
Fred posing

Fred Omondi might be the less successful of the Omondi brothers but he has nonetheless done well for himself.

The comedian who has been working on a new show called “Black and White” spoke exclusively to us about his life so far. One of the areas he divulged about himself was concerning his family.

Fred Omondi and Eric Omondi
A TBT of Fred Omondi and Eric Omondi

He also revealed that the humour he and Eric had was inspired by their late father whom he described as crazy (in a good way). He said:

Kuna Eric Omondi, mimi and our dad was the craziest.

He remembers his childhood fondly and spoke of how Eric would often get out of punishments his parents had planned for him by making them laugh. Fred also shared how Eric became the man of the house when both their parents died. He said:

When we lost both our parents, we had very tough times cause Eric was forced to start working when he was still in high school. I am the last born, lazima achunge lasti.

Eric omondi
Eric Omondi contemplating

He summarised his childhood experiences by saying, that although they went through tough times, they (Eric and him) persevered. The last few years have seen the comic blessed with financial riches, but he has still faced some painful episodes.

Last year, the sad news was broken by Eric Omondi that revealed that his older brother, Joseph, had died after a long battle with drug addiction. How did the death affect him? He responded:

It was tough. You know we had struggled with him over the years. He was struggling with addiction. We spent most our time looking for him other than growing up with him. After Eric found him, after 2 or 3 years of not seeing him. Unfortunately, the next day he passed, Eric found him in a very bad condition.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi on the left and their late brother Joseph on the right

He added:

But tuligo through that and we are still strong. 

He also explained how their previous attempts to help him had gone:

There is a time we found him, I brought him to my place, he stayed for a while, you know he is our big bro and I am the last born but that doesn’t matter, so nilimleta kwangu tukaishi for a while. Then we decided to help him out, aanze maisha. I think that is where tulienda wrong. Alitu convince alikuwa sawa. 

eric omondi
Eric Omondi

Fred then added how they paid for their older brother rent and gave him some money, expecting Joseph to turn over a new leaf. But that hope would be shattered, with the entertainer ruefully saying:

Akarudi kwa drugs because the addiction was strong.

Sadly, the last time they would Joseph, he would end up dead, the very next day. The video is below:

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