Kenyan gymnast Wendy Waeni has in an interview revealed that Fred Matiangi has been paying her school fees, adding that he will do so till she graduates.

Wendy who has wowed many with her gymnastics prowess revealed the details during an interview with Jeff Koinange.

Wendy Waeni said,

My dad left me when I was three and living in Mathare, It was tough with my mom because she did not have a job.

I have never seen him again,he does not know what goes on in my life.

I would want to keep in touch and he is my dad and I have never had a male figure in my life.

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Wendy Waeni
Wendy Waeni

She adds

He is my dad no matter what happened, Dad I forgive you I do not know if you are watching just come home.

Dr Fred Matiangi is paying my fees,its Joe Mwangi who asked him and he will do so till i graduate.


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