wendy kemunto

Singer Wendy Kemunto has for the first time open talked about the harrowing night she was gang-raped by rugby players Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga.

According to Wendy, she had gone to their house because she knew one of the guys but that turned out to be the worst mistake of her life.

‘Things took a turn for the worst.

It was only me and the two of them. I knew one of them and the plan was to sleep at his house and unfortunately, things did not happen as I had planned as I ended up being assaulted.’

From Rugby players to MP’s, here are celebs accused of rape in the past

On what thoughts were going through her mind during the ordeal, Kemunto said,

‘Nothing was going through my mind as I was in and out of consciousness. I highly believe they drugged me because I was OK when I got there.

I found myself in a compromising situation and I did not know what was happening.

When I realized what was happening, it was late and it went on for the whole night.’

From Rugby players to MP’s, here are celebs accused of rape in the past

When she tried to escape she would find herself back at the hands of her assailants.

‘At some point, I woke up and wanted to sneak out but I was pulled back and the person did what they wanted to do with me.

Each time I tried to escape they were aggressive so I became scared and I did not want the assault to get worse so I let them do what they wanted.’

Kemunto added that after her ordeal her assailants thanked her and asked her to tag a friend along next time.

After the ordeal they were just normal, they thanked me and told me ‘ next time’ I kept quiet all through.

I was in a very bad place, so after everything ended I called a friend who came and picked me and took me to the hospital.

I was a mess and I felt violated and that is why I called on my friend to help me think straight.’

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