Beer is one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages. It is the world’s third most consumed beverage.

A good beer is a great pleasure, especially shared with friends. Today, I’ll share with you from my research some exciting things that I have found out about beer.

1. Beer doesn’t taste different coming from a can

People claim beer tastes different when drank from a can. However, most beer experts state that when pouring beer from a can in to a glass and not drinking from the can, there won’t be a “metallic” taste because you won’t even taste the can. And in any case, where was your KEG beer stored? That’s right, in a metallic container.

Tusker Premium Cider Beer Can
Tusker Premium Cider Beer Can
2. Beer is among the world’s oldest beverages

Beer may date back to 10,000 BC when humans first started farming cereal grains. One theory has it that beer was actually the reason human beings got in to farming. That, however, is a story for another day.

3. Beer taken in moderation has a positive effect on health

Moderation is the name of the game. Beer has been proven to significantly cut the risk of heart disease and battling atherosclerosis and degenerative diseases like Parkinsons disease. Take beer in moderation.

4. Apple Cider Beer tastes great

Having been used to the traditional ales and lagers, an apple cider beer makes everything different. A cider is an alcoholic drink made from crushed fruit, typically apples. I tried Tusker Premium Cider over the weekend. It is the first locally-produced cider in East Africa and made in Kenya.

Tusker Premium Cider - The Perfect Pour
Tusker Premium Cider – The Perfect Pour

The drink is deliciously crisp, premium-crafted and refreshing drink created from fresh apples, perfectly balanced for a drinking experience. It delivers a rich fruit flavour and a sharp, crisp finish that is lightly carbonated and super refreshing and best served chilled.

So there you have it. Have a beer or two with friends and enjoy.