Fort Ternan crash survivors

Survivors of the Fort Ternan bus crash that claimed more than 50 lives yesterday blamed the bus management and crew for what befell them.

Fort Ternan accident

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Dickson Muyamba, a 30-year-old survivor of the grisly accident, said the ill-fated bus left Nairobi at midnight destined for Kakamega. He said the bus was initially scheduled to leave the city at around 6pm but was delayed until about 9.30pm.

Fort Ternan crash survivor
Dickson Muyamba, Fort Ternan crash survivor

Muyamba said from his Kericho County Referral Hospital bed;

 We left the Machakos terminus at around 9.30pm, but when we reached Kangemi, the bus made a U-turn back to town.

The passengers got pissed off and when they demanded an explanation, the conductor said there were some more passengers to be picked from town.

He suffered head and leg injuries.

He said that at the terminus, they exchanged three buses before they were finally moved to the ill-fated one. Muyamba said;

 The bus was overloaded, forcing some passengers to sit on their luggage and soda crates, which were arranged for them on the aisle.

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From Nairobi to Naivasha, Muyamba said the bus wasn’t speeding, but when they passed the Gilgil weighbridge, the driver started speeding. He added;

 The bus driver and conductors were very rude.

 They failed to heed our calls to slow down. The bus was being driven at high speed.

Fort Ternan accident
Fort Ternan accident

Muyamba said he was travelling to his rural home in Vihiga for the burial of his mother that was slated for today

I’m lucky to be alive because I was seated at the back. When the bus started rolling, I was thrown out of the window throw the rear windscreen.

Kericho Hospital

The driver had stopped to allow passengers to relieve themselves less than a kilometre away from the accident scene, he said.

When the bus stopped, we alighted and relieved ourselves by the roadside. Barely a kilometre from there, the driver lost control of the bus and it veered off the road before rolling into the deep valley.

Linda Missee, another survivor, confirmed that the bus was overloaded and was being driven at high speed.

Most passengers who were sitting on their luggage and soda crates perished on the spot. Narrating the ordeal, Missee, 28, said she was lucky to have survived the accident. She said she had her seatbelt on.

The bus was being driven dangerously and the driver and his conductors could hear none of our pleas to slow down. It swerved before veering off the road and rolled several times downhill.

Missee was in her sister’s company. She kept asking about her, but no information had been provided.

Fort Ternan crash survivors
Father of two sisters who survived the Kericho bus tragedy addresses journalists

Dismas Makhokha, 59, from Butula, Busia county, said it was unbelievable that he survived such a grisly crash. He said;

It’s by God’s grace that I’m alive.

He was expecting to be in Kakamega by 6am. He was to connect to Busia from the town. Makhoha said;

Upon reaching the tunnel at about 4 am, the driver started speeding in a way I’ve never seen in my life. It seems the brakes failed before it started to roll down the slope.

He suffered head injuries.

The survivor said he struggled to crawl towards the road where a Good Samaritan rescued them.


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