Child birth is a beautiful thing.

A former TV actress and now singer has posted a raw and uncut video of her caesarean birth to her twins angels. You know the actress as her TV character called Waridi. Her real name is Barbara Chepkoech Adams.

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The video of her child birth was shot in the States where she gave life to her little tots. Barbara is now back to Kenya and she is hoping to launch her music career to the Kenyan audience.

Barbara explains why she posted the video is a long heartwarming post.

This recording of life is close to my heart……It has been close to 3 months…… I fell in love so in love I cannot explain. The beautiful journey of welcoming Blossom and Blade to this world…… I was scared…..scared that I was not prepared because they came early. But I overcame that quickly. Amazing people have been with me through my journey and after. I gained 70 pounds….barely slept….ate alot…hahaha.The beautiful feeling of motherhood is the joy of knowing you carried life inside you and you being a vessel God uses to bring forth beautiful angels to this earth.”

She continued, “I am humbled to have babies that are my heart. As God is my witness the journey was awesome and amazing. I was super fluffy and loved it. I love babies and I believe we as humans should always respect and defend them always. They are my valentine….. Barjoh, Blossom and Blade. Being a single mother is not bad at all…. I embrace it. I salute mothers … I believe a mother can be by birth or adoption. Caring and embracing a child, nurturing the child with love is what makes you a mother…. Not necessarily by only birth. It brings me to tears when i imagine women in the village. Having to go through childbirth without help and sometimes they loose their lives. I salute you. May God protect you and all mothers. For my children???????????????????????????????????????????????? I will and have defended, protected loved cared held given my babies everything i am. I give them me everyday without question. I love them more and more each day. Watching this beautiful experience i realize how id do it over and over again just to be with my babies. I wouldn’t think twice. So yes i am in love with 3 amazing babies….That said, I salute all parents mummies and daddies…. Married or single…… Let’s love and raise our children in the fear of God. To be amazing in our society. To be everything we pray they will be. Remember to pray for one another. Happy valentines forever righBarjoh Soi! my daughter Barjoh Soi thank you for being my superhero….as young as you are you reassured me all will be well……
thanks to my family and friends thanks Daddy..i lovTiffany BrentasClementine Inene BrDanielle Andersonnene , Danielle Anderson you were so awesome still are!!!!!! thEmmanuel Hollinscredit: Emmanuel Hollins LEGROOM PRODUCTIONS.
i must say you were awesome…… at some point i thought you would run…lol #LETLOVELIVE.????????????????????”

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