Ernest Cornel accident

Ex Star Correspondent Ernest Cornel and a Human rights defender Topister Juma of Muhuri are fighting for their lives after being involved in an accident.

According to Muhuri rapid response officer Francis Auma, Topister hit a pothole, lost control of the vehicle and rolled several times before the car hit a tree that stopped the rolling.

“The section of the road they were in was under construction but it is like it had been abandoned so there are a lot of potholes,” said Auma on phone in an interview with the star.

The two were rushed to a nearby hospital by good Samaritans.

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Ernest Cornel accident

The duo were driving to Malindi for the ruling of an appellate case where an Imam who had been jailed for life for sodomising his nine-year-old stepson had appealed.

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According to the rapid response officer, doctors told them Topister may be having a broken neck, and possible internal injuries.

“Doctors say she is conscious but not very stable,” said Auma.

Cornel suffered a broken hand and two broken ribs.

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