Former nominated Senator Harold Kipchumba appeals for additional Sh 3million to support his son admitted to an Indian hospital after a tragic road accident.

Kipchumba, a polio survivor with both his legs paralyzed, was in 2013 nominated to Senate to represent people with special needs through Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, but the Kenyan court soon later nullified his offer.

“I just left my ailing first born son Hillary Kiptum, 26, with his cousin Nicolas as I traveled back home so I can mobilize more resources to help settle the ballooning medical bills,” he Said in Kabarnet town on Monday.

Friends, family and well-wishers raised Sh 2.6million which saw his ailing son airlifted to undergo special treatment at the Spinal Injuries Centre (SIC) in New Delhi, India on July 9.

He was seriously injured in a grisly road accident that saw the small car he was traveling in with his father, crashed between two heavy trailers along Naivasha-Nakuru highway on April 4, 2013.

Four people died on the spot.

Hillary used to attend his routine treatment at Nakuru General Hospital for the last six years before his condition worsened recently.

 “The accident occurred barely four months after I lost my nomination. My son was riding the vehicle and I was aboard, but I thank God I only had a simple eye injury,” Kipchumba recalls.

“I prayed to God to give me back my son. He is my first born and I would love to be with him,” Hillary’s mother Dorothy recounted the prayer she made.

The family hailing from a sleepy Chambai village in Baringo North Sub-county hinted that since the accident occurred, they have spent and exhausted resources to the tune of sh18million.

Kipchumba, also known for his United Nation(UN) best award being ambassador in fight against polio, also appreciates the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) for raising some sh500, 000, appealing for more funds.

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However, he says his son is currently responding well to medication, “he is improving on his speech after undergoing an intensive stem cell transplant, brain walk up and physiotherapy that so far took almost Sh 4million,” the former Senator said.

“At least four paid therapists are working on him daily; orthopedic, occupational, physiotherapist and a neurosurgeon” he said adding, some Sh 76,000 drops every day.

He said so far Hillary can try and lift his right hand which was totally paralyzed, although cannot walk.

“Neurosurgeons have recommended that he remains in the intensive physiotherapy for the next two and a half months so he can manage to feed himself and even be able to go to the toilet unaided,” he said, adding that his discharge will also depends on settlement of entire bills.

He further rates the hospital where his son is currently admitted as among the best in Asian continent on matters rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Ends

Contributions can be channeled to Kiptum Medical Fund: M-Pesa PayBill: 683358 Account Number: 472082001


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