Luhya men are known to be unromantic but of late, there’s a clique of gentlemen who have come out to disprove this notion.

Daisy Kanaiza Nyongesa
Former nominated senator Daisy Kanaiza Nyongesa

We have seen Sauti Sol’s Bien Barasa, Ababu Namwamba, Francis Atwoli, Alex Matere just to mention but a few treat their women like queens.

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Popular politician husband, Nabii Nabwera, from the land of Mulembeland, brought business to a standstill after he chauffeured his wife in a limousine from Nairobi hospital after delivering a baby boy.

Daisy Nyongesa
Daisy Nyongesa with her husband

Daisy Nyongesa, a former nominated senator could not hide her joy and shared a glimpse of her son’s grand entry into her palatial Runda home. In part she wrote;

In my garden of humanity a fresh new flower has been found, The 1st fruit of my womb. 8.8.2018 When he was finally placed into my arms, I looked into his precious eyes and felt an overwhelming, unconditional love – I felt so complete and empowered in my life.

Daisy Nyongesa

She added;

You have earned me a new title, MOTHER. Until you have a baby, you don’t realize how much you were missing one. The smell of my new baby’s breath is the sweetest thing in the world. Your father thought a drive home by a Hummer Limousine from Nairobi Hospital would be the best.

Here are the photos

Daisy Nyongesa
Daisy Nyongesa, her husband and newborn son Prince

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Daisy Nyongesa

Daisy Nyongesa


Daisy Nyongesa
Daisy Nyongesa rides in a limo

Daisy Nyongesa alighting from a limo



Recently, Daisy Nyongesa left many in stitches after she revealed how she lent a friend one of her most expensive dresses but she never returned it. She posted;

Nguo ya kuazima haisitiri matako.
Imagine a friend borrowing your dress and staying with it over a year in the hope that you forget only for FB to remind you of how expensive it was.
On asking you are told it’s not a title deed.
Marafiki WA dunia Hii.


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