Controversial ex-presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu is making headlines. After posting naked photos of herself, the self-proclaimed chair lady of Handsome Men of Kenya (H-MOK), seems to have refrained from the indecent behaviour. She has turned out to be a counselor.

Recently, she took it to social media to tell her fellow women the naked truth about the various sizes of male genitals. As much as many ladies prefer the big sizes, Kamencu says that size is just an aspect of the enjoyment and big penis sometimes cause pain.

“When women confess to liking men with big penises, the truth of the matter is that size is just an aspect of the enjoyment. What happens with big penises is that they sometimes cause pain, which intensifies the pleasure and overall sensation felt.

Lesser endowed men do not need to feel intimidated or afraid though. They can achieve the same result of wild abandoned screams and general ecstasy of the woman, by softly biting on her neck, scratching her lower back or rubbing her nipples at the same time as they thrust inside her.”

Here is the screenshot

kamencu size[interaction id=”555aee6edd6f6a88443ca538″]