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They say marriage is not an easy stroll down the road. It comes with a lot of challenges and one has to be ready. It’s not for the faint hearted. Popular Kenyan actress and Harpic brand Ambassador Katherine Kamau known by her stage name Celina is among the women who have managed to stay married despite the challenges matrimony comes with. At a point, Celina confessed how hard relationships are and how long it would take for one to know their partner in case they get into a new relationship.

Hata Kunyamba Ni Shida! See The Struggle Celina Of Mother-In-Law Goes Through In Her Relationship

Well, Celina who is engaged to her long time boyfriend Tahidi High actor Phil Karanja and will soon be walking down the aisle, has come out to talk about abusive relationships.

“If you are dating and he is hitting you, it will get worse in marriage, if you are staying for the kids, you will die and leave them in his cruel hands, #emotionalabuse is even worse ????????, SAVE YOURSELF… RUN!!”

Here is the screenshot


Celina, seems to have posted these remarks following her friend’s break up with her gospel singer Hey-Z Da Brand. Hey-Z Da Brand, recently ended his relationship with former Tahidi High actress Mercy Njoki after dating for six years. The gospel singer revealed that his wife cheated on him with her boss and that’s why they parted ways.

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Well, rumours going round is that Shammy as she was popularly known (from Tahidi High) was in abusive relationship and that’s why, Celina, one of her pals posted the above post. The ex-mother-in-law actress has been commenting on Mercy Njoki’s social media posts and here is what she had to say after the lass posted a photo of her which suggests that she was once a happy woman.

Mercy Njoki

“Free as a bird , you deserve all the happiness , don’t care about goons who know nothing bout what you been through love ❣❣❣” Read Celina’s comment.

Does it mean that Mercy was in an abusive relationship according to Celina’s remarks?