Ida Alisha popularly known as Olive can be listed as one of the fastest rising actors in the local acting industry. She has risen the ranks to become one of the most celebrated local actors in the country. Olive featured in one of the most watched and loved local productions  family drama; Mother-in-law that airs on Citizen TV every Sunday at 7:30pm.

At the peak of her career, Olive decided to call it quits to pursue further studies abroad barely six months after Celina, the decorated actress called it a day at the programme. Olive who played the role of a stubborn spoilt child, who always stirs trouble in the Mwamba family and Mother-in-law’s (Shosh’s) all-time favourite granddaughter left for the US last year September and has never come back.

If You Liked The Show, Sorry! Olive Mwamba Of Mother-In-Law Is No More

The sexy lass who got married in a colourful wedding ceremony back in 2014 took to social media to sell her expensive wedding gown leaving her fans with many questions than answers. Did she go broke or had she parted ways with her Luo man?

“I was going to trash my dress … go paint balling with it tomorrow but someone asked me to sell it instead.
For a moment i refused but … i thought of how pretty i felt in it and how happy i was to find it…
I would like to share that feeling with another special bride. So whoever calls and gets this gown … i cant wait to meet and atleast share a cup of coffee with you as i let go of one of the most expensive things i’ve ever worn. Infact i think it IS the most expensive. Lol … Wish you all the best.”

That’s what she posted but we are not sure whether she was lucky to sell it or not.

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Well, after moving to the US, Olive has been posting photos and videos of herself and a look at them, you can tell that she is indeed enjoying life in the foreign land. But a close look at her left-hand ring finger suggests that she is no longer married but single.