Two iconic TV news anchors have been in the news over their financial issues. Louis Otieno and Swaleh Mdoe are in dire need of money, one for medical reasons, the other over financial constraints.

By the way, now Swaleh Mdoe has a paybill number you can send cash to –> 458345, account name is Mdoe.

‘Nobody tries to check up on you,’ cries Louis Otieno wiping tears from his sad eyes

BBC journalist and former KTN media personality, Ferdinand Omondi has come out to explain why these two and other Kenyans could be undergoing financial hard times.

In a post that has now gone viral, Ferdinand explains, “I was reading the paper today and came across this. Two full pages of nothing but auctioneers. And it worries me. There are many reasons for being stuck in a rut. Many, however, are self imposed.

Having lived in Nairobi and Mombasa, I can tell with some authority that the level of plastic prosperity in the capital city is worrying. In Mombasa you can commute however you want, drive whatever you want, live wherever you wish. No one cares.

In Nairobi, people will judge you by the mat you choose to board, the car your drive, the area you live in, and even what you order in the bar. Friends compete with friends to impress, throwing bottles of single malt whiskey with prices equivalent to the house rent they should be paying. We take loans to buy sofa sets and high-end wigs, and to finance that holiday in Diani so our Instagram pages can be dope.

In the end, we are servicing loans we don’t need, are blacklisted at the bank, your name is at the CRB, and the Shylock is after you. Next thing you know, you are being auctioned, and suddenly you have to move from Kilimani back to your mother’s house or worse. If only you bought a Demio and lived in Roysambu as you saved and grew, instead of taking that loan to buy a Harrier you couldn’t even fuel, you wonder.

But regrets always come later. Meanwhile , your pals and slay queens who praised your ability to throw pint have moved on to the next brother with moist hands and a fattened bank account from the fresh loan he will pay for the next 6 years. Friends, it’s time for a rethink. I know I am. Have a financially independent week.”

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Here are heated reactions from Kenyans to the post.

Patrick Lumumba: Spot on. They urge me to flog my 9 year old jalopy (yet it effectively takes me from point A to B) yet they pay rent while am in my own place now fully paid for. Nooo!

Ferdinand Omondi: If the loan is to start a business, or even to get advanced education, then by all means take it – that is an investment. But if you’re borrowing to buy an iPhone or those six inch heels you will be wearing only for Koroga Festival, you need intercession.

Irene Muttai: Sikujui but are u married? These are the real husband material. Dates @kibandasky. No fake romance. U see it. U get it.

David Mbuthia: True. most of us a living a live in Nairobi. Some are looking emergency loans to their kids to bouncing castles. Others doing daily car hire to work, church or to the village to remain relevant.

Paul Saito: Deep stuff…the middle class is the most stressed in our country due to self imposed lifestyle.

Joseph Kopiyo: It’s Peer influence and trendy Which unfortunately become infectious. The environment is full with such phenomenon that one does not just wanna be left out!! There seem no other choice…plz advice.

Joseph Karanja: It called”keeping up with Joneses” its a pity.

Dod Donald Alex: Am in agreement with this 100%. Advise Swaleh Mdoe pia pls. I hope he is reading this.

Gideon Akwabi: You are unlikely to get anywhere without a loan. No one should ever be embarrassed for being auctioneed. Lessons learnt never to be forgotten.

Rolex Tom: The soil affects the seed..the same can be said of the GOK..too much borrowed but too little to show of it apart from more expensive cars and big hotels

Nick Mwenda: Saw this too. Got me worried. But I think the problem is that our bandit economy is catching up with us. Most businesses are either based on corruption or are avenues to cleanse dirty money. Those who attempt clean competition are auctioned, so are those who miss the target of landing a ‘deal’ having invested an arm and a leg. Bad leadership. I blame the president’s sasa-nifanye-nini attitude. We are a shithole country.

Hellen Waikunu: I beg to differ. Most businesses are just ordinary people trying their very best to grow something and make ends meet (Think jua Kali industry, mitumba sellers, farmers, mama mbogas etc. The corruption, the back room deals, and money laundering is a very small percentage.

Martin Wario: What you are suggesting could have some truth in it but you end off with what our biggest problem is…..always having someone else to blame for our problems for, you say “bad leadership”, “I blame the President”…what are you doing on a personal level to help the situation. The same frustration your feeling is exactly what the president feels when he asks “sasa nifanye nini” after trying so hard to get things done but yet you & I have nothing to offer other then sitting back getting all holier then the & pointing fingers….KENYA is no shithole country…. its a section of its citizens…..!!!!!

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