Former KTN News anchor Joy Doreen Biira has narrated a frightening encounter on the road that lead to a freak accident.

The media personality who is expecting her second tot soon narrated how  some guy knocked her Mercedes Benz from behind.

“At a junction …bang… a brother gongaz (knocks) me… “A guy” says his battery kaput and so when he tried to accelerate the car was going backwards instead of forward…police officer shows up and he tries to explain the issue with his car, this time a different version to the officer.

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In his defense of course. Officer says “so you think I didn’t see this car moving backwards” (he was literally watching it all happen) 😃 Officer pulls us over, asks “a guy” for his driving license, he pulls out the red book (can that red thingy be done away with already)😉 officer says to him, “let’s go to the police station pale so you tell me which driving school you went to”… “a guy” panics, he says Sorry madam! (Kumbe the mention of police station humbles people) 😄

I look at extent of damage and decide his car is more damaged than mine so I let it all go … my conclusion is that “a guy” got a brain freeze in that traffic pale 5th Ngong ave intersection🚦.

You know that moment when your foot is on the brakes pressed so hard and you think vehicles besides you are moving backwards when they’re actually at standstill? I think that’s what happened to him 🤗.

The rate at which I let people go after doing these things to me shocks even ME… 🤩 sorry is a magical word. Say sorry to people, it makes a difference.”

Check out a photo the fender-bender from the accident scene.

joydoreen-biira car accident

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Her fans and friends sympathized with her plight ad they were also amazed at her action to forgive.

eavochieng: You are the true definition of One in a million.

kabughoimmaculate: Good you understood him bambii…. Sweet Joy.

sharon_jerutto: 😂Your description is funny. You are such a nice person.

kanini_judith: Good that you saved him…a guy.

sonnykangara: Sorry is a magical word for sure! Bless.

lkprecious: A guy knocks your Merc and sorry works..kweli you are a wonderful person..😍😍😊.

joydoreenbiira: @lkprecious Aki I was not about going round in circles with “a guy”.

jaydongacbI: feel the Guy manze,asante kwa kumsamehe 😊.

anchor_ps: Too bad… Thank God you are safe @joydoreenbiira that guy na yy 😏😐😐 thanks you involved sorry and forgiveness you .. You so nice joy God bless.. Peace peace.

capucho_le_grande: You are very humbled @joydoreenbiira may Allah bless you…human is to era n mistakes.

chirchir2: That’s a Noah? Saying am sorry won’t reduce who you are.

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