The news nowadays is littered with reports of domestic violence. One wonders, why is it becoming rampant like this?

No one ever believes you will be part of the statistic until it happens to you or a close family member or friend.

Kids in college are also making the news for killing their lovers or getting killed by a jealous lover.

This news is distressing. And the same script happened to a former KBC journalist who also hustled on these Nairobi streets as a hawker before she made it.

Rachael Njeri Wainaina hot married at a very young age, at just 22-years-old. The marriage turned into a nightmare.

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She can talk about it now after she moved away from the abusive union and hubby to make something of herself.

Rachael announced that she was “among 47 women, one from each county that was awarded for their contribution in Sustainable Development Goals by the National Gender Commission.”

“I thank the County Government of Kiambu for the nomination and for believing in our work to empower the society. It was also special that the Director of Vision 2030 and the PS, mentioned our project as one of their favorite innovations.
I am a testimony of what my county is doing to support women led innovations. It was also great to meet other powerful and innovative women from other counties. Surely, when God’s favor follows us, we become the head and not the tail. Feeling humbled, Glory to God. 3rd Award this year. God is good.”

Ametoka mbali sanaaaaa. Rachael took to Facebook to narrate how her turbulent marriage almost killed her dreams.


Testimony: After all the stress I had in the street hawking life, I thought my troubles were over. I was settled as a reporter for KBC and I met a guy and we fell in love at first sight.

He was a hawker with style and I believed in him so much that I was sure we would build a testimony together.

I fought against all odds including raising money for my dowry. My family tried to caution me and I did not listen.

So we did a big church wedding which I struggled to fund until during wedding day. I was a very strong and committed Christian serving in the worship ministry, so when he wanted to marry me, he told me that he was saved but he wasn’t .

As soon as our wedding was finished and went upcountry as we could not afford a honeymoon, I got my first severe beating.

I was beaten for nothing at all, after that, there were many events of violence that followed and as a believer, I could really try to hide this bitter truth from my family and friends.

With time, it got worse, he threw our wedding rings in the toilet and could pour a whole basin of water on me in bed after coming home late and drunk.

He could take me to the toilet and PEE on me and strip me naked and throw me out of a house that I was paying for a whole night in Gachie.

The scariest was an instance when he came home after disappearing for 3 days freaked out that he might have contracted HIV virus. I was scared to death.

Then I came to realize that he was using drugs. I was at the rock bottom, lost my self-worth and saw myself as a loser.

From the time I met this guy, one and a half years later, I had suffered so much losing my 6 months 3 weeks old baby boy due to high blood pressure, almost getting killed in domestic violence and a lot of emotional and physical abuse.

During this time I still was influential, and he still did all these. My family was stressed. Then finally I decided to walk out the marriage when he almost killed me.

My head was not okay as he used to bang it on the wall. It was really a bad moment. And it hurt because I really loved him…

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Through the help of close family and friends, I was able to overcome all the grief and pain and start living life again.

During that season is when I went to a Kesha at JCC parklands and Bishop Kyuna was preaching saying if God has been telling you to do something and you have been ignoring, you must work on it.

I took that message personally. And that is how I started Youth Film Platform. It took me 5 years to forgive him but I realized that I am not also free from sin.

I decided to let the anger go and God set me free. Everybody thought I was doing so well but I was dying in the inside. I am sharing this story to encourage any ladies going through such kind of treatment to call it quits and leave.

I am happy to say that since our divorce, my ex-husband apologized and is now working towards improving his life and I wish him well. I was only 22 years old when I got married. I am not ashamed to share what God has done for me, many years later I am a better and blessed person.

I also decided to remember the good memories of his lovely family who always loved and comforted me. Woman, no matter what you are going through, you can make it.

Dust yourself and move on and God will bless you. Be confident to say a big NO if need be. To date, I still suffer from migraines, ulcers and HBP but I chose to forgive and be ready to deal with the consequences of the hurt that was caused to me.

It’s now 8 years after the divorce and I am happy and have made so much positive progress.

As you start the week, refuse to be comfortable with oppression and fear. Break loose and you will soon see the sun.