Chokora Couple

Famous chokora couple Sammy ‘Blackie’ and his wife (girlfriend by then) Virginia made headlines in February this year during Valentines.

Chokora couple
Sammy and Virginia

The couple shot to fame after a popular photographer Muchiri Frames had them made up for Valentine’s Day photo-shoot.

Chokora couple: Sammy and Virginia
Chokora couple: Sammy and Virginia

They looked like professional models. Their transformation made them become the talk of the town and top brands among them Bonfire Adventures offered to take them on a fully paid holiday to Diani for three days and catered for their 6-month house rent.

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But after six months elapsed, the well-wishers cut short their ‘sponsorship’ leaving them at a crossroads.

"Chokoraa” couple
“Chokoraa” couple getting into the plane

In an interview with Chipukeezy on Ebru TV, Sammy Blackie revealed that things have not been easy and he has resorted to doing menial jobs so as to fend for his young family.

My wife is pregnant and I’m looking for a well wisher to help me with capital to start a business. I need to work so as my wife gets something to eat. She’s currently in Limuru.

Having lived on the streets for quite a while, Sammy is now an upcoming rapper and he says he wants to be a successful artiste.

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