Barely a month after one of the top media stations Royal Media fired more than 100 employees among them top news presenters and journalists like, TerryAnne Chebet, Kirigo Ngarua, Shisia Wasilwa and Patrick Igunza.

Those top media personalities were among the journalists who were shown the door due to the company’s need to restructure. Well most of those who were shown the door seem to have moved on including Kirigo Ngarua.

From Grass To Grace! Meet The Citizen TV Reporter Who Was Once A Matatu Conductor

The former Breakfast Show host has been keeping a low profile ever since she was mercilessly fired by Citizen TV but she has finally spoken out. In a quote she shared on social media, Kirigo seems to be firing shots at Citizen TV where she confesses that she loves being at home.

“I literally love being a home. In my own space. Comfortable. Not surrounded by people”

Kirigo Ngarua

Didn’t she like her stay at the station or what exactly is she trying to say?

Kirigo posted the quote and captioned:

“Just so you know.. ???????? and no…I am not being’s what happens when one is an introvert.. I also don’t like picking germs.”