Wiper candidate Wavinya Ndeti hit the headlines with her proverb ‘Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite’ one that made memes and hit songs.

Well, Uganda’s president has joined Ndeti but his is a special case. He butchered the queen’s language while giving out a speech in Uganda’s parliament.

Oops, let’s first rewind and see Wavinya’s statement:

Museveni who has been Uganda’s President for decades now is the guy who left people in stitches after making the most unexpected mistake ever.

And I quote: ‘The brighter is very future’

Watch for yourself:

Songa Kando Uncle Mugabe! Here Are Wavinya Ndeti’s Quotes That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor

It will be remembered that Museveni once stopped his escort and sat on the pavement of the road to make a call.

Here are some of the craziest memes ever made about Museveni: