When your pastor says no situation is permanent and that your dreams are valid.

Believe him.

God works in miraculous ways, and if you doubt this, look at the current richest Kenyan musician, Akothee.

From a humble taxi woman to a business mogul, indeed God’s time is the best. Akothee has worked hard to fight her way up.

She is currently holding the crown of the most hardworking and richest artiste in the country. Hands down.

The mother of five owns a private tours and travels company and dabbles is large scale farming as well. Even though music doesn’t pay well, she has her business handled.

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Unlike most of our local musicians who are known for their bad spending habits, love for the brown bottle and wasting money trying to please women and friends, Akothee has proven to be smarter and penny wise.

She knows the meaning of investing.

While her counterparts are still staying in posh city suburbs where they struggle to pay rent, Akothee owns several homes in Mombasa, Rongo County and here in the city.

This fact has left many dying of jealous.

From Rags To Richest: Here Is Proof That Richest Musician Akothee Lives Like A Queen (PHOTO)

Akothee recently left her counterparts green with envy after she shared a video showing off her Mombasa multi-million home.

Just like the Rongo home, Akothee’s coastal home also has a swimming pool and it seems to stand of a large chunk of land. The mother of five is living proof that hard work pays.

Here is the short video of Akothee flaunting her Mombasa palatial home

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