Face masks

Kenyans always celebrate when we happen to have long weekends or rather when holidays appear from nowhere from the start of a weekend or after.

#Parteafterparte is always the hashtag used to thank the government for the holiday confirmations.

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Well, the coronavirus, which was declared a global pandemic saw the government decree that people stay at home, curfews were instituted and cessation  of movement in some counties put in place.

The three months’ holiday has left many unhappy, hoping that things get back to normal soon. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and his team hold briefings on a daily basis.

‘If we treat this disease normally it will treat us abnormally,’ a famous quote by Kagwe.

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From quarantine to lockdown, below are the most commonly used new words Kenyans have learnt during this Covid-19 pandemic aka Rona period.

  1. E-learning

2. Zoom

3. Barakoa – Swahili word for a face mask

4. Kitakasio – Swahili word for sanitizer

5. N95 mask

6. Quarantine

7. Self-isolation

8. Curfew (Kafyu)

9. Cessation of movement,

10. Sausage moja na beer mbili – After restaurants were reopened, Mutahi revealed that Kenyans flock these eateries just to buy a sausage and drink several bottles of beers instead of staying at home.

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