Eastleigh Crowd

An Eastleigh based herbal medicine vendor packed up and fled after a crowd he had attracted threatened to lynch him for publicly demonstrating sexual activity. Kimani Macharia had attracted a huge crowd boasting that his concoctions could cure men and women of erectile dysfunction, infertility and other reproductive health problems with same dosage.

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As he went on with descriptions and prescriptions, the gathering got agitated and turned against him. The crowd accused him of using vulgar words, naming private parts and graphic description of sexual activity in broad daylight and in presence of children.

“Why can’t he use euphemisms to refer to private parts and some “dirty acts”?” asked an agitated woman.

The open air gathering turned rowdy when he tried to demonstrate act done “After 4:30 PM” in broad daylight to by-standers who had gathered around his stand along First Avenue.

Macharia had told the crowd that use of family planning pills and condoms for birth control are the key cause of many reproductive illnesses which he said he could cure with his herbs.

But when he inflated condoms to demonstrate how the protective gear had its own negative health effects, the crowd charged at him scattering several bags containing his “super medicinal” substances.

The man was roughed up before motorists stuck in the traffic caused by the melee intervened and urged the crowd to allow him pack and leave. The man quickly packed the belongings that had been scattered along the road and left.

The crowd protested that the man did not respect the moral values that bar inappropriate discussion of sex and sexuality matters. They accused him of being selfishness by disregarding respect for moral values in carrying out his activities. This comes barely a week after Mugo Wa Wairimu a fake gynaecologist was arrested for sedating women and raping them at his clinic. Does this mean that health officers are sleeping on their job?

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