Slay queen vs Mjengo guy

If you thought Kenyan women learnt a lesson from Laura Oyier’s case you are wrong.

For those who don’t know Laura Oyier, she is the serial bill defaulter, who was left embarrassed and humiliated after failing to settle a bill of shsh230,000 back in 2015. The controversial lady, spent her Valentines at the Intercontinental hotel, Nairobi and failed to pay the bill which had accumulated to sh230,000.

Well, a Kenyan slay queen, Eve was recently left sobbing after a blind date gone wrong. Eve met a man named Collins in a matatu and they exchanged numbers.

Collins: Hi Eve, Ni Collins

Eve: Collins yupi? I don’t have you in my phone boook.

Collins:  We met jana kwa mat ukanipea number

Eve: Com’on, I exchange my number with alot of people kwa mats. Who are you specifically?

Collins: Nilikulipia fare jana jioni kwa mat. From tao to Nyayo.

Eve: Boy, be specific, please. A lot of guys huunilipia fare kwa mat.

Collins: Okay, I paid your fare jana. Nilipeana noti ya sh1,000 but wewe ndio ulirudishiwa change. Haukumbuki bado?

The two then planned for a date and Collins asked Eve to meet him at a popular hotel in the CBD which she obliged to. The slay queen was there on time but Collins, who turned out to be a mjengo guy didn’t show up.

The slay queen chose heavy lunch from the menu hoping that Collins would pay only to be left stranded.

But why would you go on a blind date with a man you know little about? Dear slay queens, it’s high time you stop depending on men and work hard for your money.

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Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy


Slay Queen vs Mjengo guy

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