Wonders will never cease! A story has been making rounds on social media after a lady openly confessed that she has been sleeping with dead people for money.

The worst part about this lady is, she was not regretful or remorseful after realizing that her husband found out that she was going to the mortuary to have sex with fresh bodies. How shocking!

“I Sleep With Dead Bodies Once A Week”, Confesses Kenyan Lady (Audio Evidence)

Now, there is an even worse scenario where a lady named Stella just came out to reveal that she is sleeping with her father, and by this, I mean engaging in sexual affairs with him.

A guy by the name Anthony reached out to a local radio station to try and get his girlfriend to confess that she is actually having an affair with her dad, so as to confirm if it’s actually true, then dump her.

Surprisingly enough, the lady was not apologetic at all and agreed to have had sex with her biological father, because he is good looking, is a gentleman and gives her a lot of cash and more so, he is good in bed.

Listen to the disgraceful audio below.

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