Lillian Muli

She started off on TV using the name Lilian Muli. And then, the wedding bells rang and added another name to her famous self, Lillian Muli Kanene.

Years later she would delete the last name Kanene after splitting from husband Moses Njuguna Kanene. She is reported to have filed for a divorce over irreconcilable differences with Kanene.

‘Men Are Tired Of Dating Broke Women,’ Lilian Muli

Lilian Nzisa, has now come out to explain to fans that she uses her grandfather’s name Muli and here’s why.

She wrote;

“My father’s name is Mukilya but he always called himself Muli after his father. My grandfather’s name is Muli which is why our lineage is Muli. My daddy’s name “mukilya” means the quiet one. I always knew I took after him, I can be extremely quiet and distant fyi though lately I’m so noisy 😊 by the way if you are a Kao someone please tell me what Nzisa means 🤔 I bet no one knows I don’t either.”

Lillian Muli

She is one of the most sought after media personalities in town with a large following of over a hundred and fifty followers on IG.