Dear youngins, we need to have a serious talk about this ‘Lamba Lolo story.

When the #ifikie wazazi was trending, it was just but a joke. People only made a joke and memes out of those gross pictures and no action was taken.

Then things became worse when other teenagers were caught having intercourse at a thicket at Arboretum. The teenagers in the story on K24 said they do not use condoms in the name of pleasure.

What has become of this generation?


This time a group of boys and girls (teenage looking) decided to jump on the ‘lamba lolo’ trend. They came together as a group of friends and shot a video with over 20 boys and three girls talking about sex.

See for this generation, sex is like a game one must play. They mock those who lose and applaud those who win. It then becomes a competition of who has done it more with different partners.

The lyrics of the song are literally what they would do to the girl. Very vivid! The worst part is the girls in the song are excited as the song is dedicated to them.

“hii ni ya wale wajanja nawapeleka na rada, kula njungu ongeza nguvu na upewe rungu upige nduru mpaka uite tu jina MUngu. na mtukutu akuna kutu apewe mutu apigie miti mpaka viti askie fiti,” go the lyrics.

I don’t know about you but at such a young age, this should not be what they are singing about. Yes, we have been saying people need to be open about sex talk but not this way.

It is causing more harm than good.

#IfikieWazazi! Kenyans angered by these ‘dirty’ photoshoots being done by Nairobi youngsters

In the video, you will notice they all have lollipops and the girls are busy grinding on the young boys. This looks like an okay song to produce considering they are looking up to people like Timmy T Dat in his new video, Magaldem.

Enough of my rant. Watch the video and maybe you will understand my sentiments:

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