Nicah has become the ‘hot cake’ every man is craving for.

It has not even been a month since she was rumored to be in a relationship with Harmonize and now a new man has come up.

Harmonize and Nicah

So, one Eric Okello decided he is the ultimate man for curvacious Nicah. He wrote a whole letter to Nicah claiming he has the best intentions for her. Basically, he is pitching that he is the best man for her. Here goes the letter.

Dear Nicah The Queen. I am penning this right here because I have good intentions for you and I know you are saved yes and I respect that. I too know your beautiful and yes I am proud of that. you’re a mother and an artiste, great. Najua hunijui but i have been trailing you from time in memorial and truth be told i am dying for your love. I am just a barista(hotelier) with fulll hopes of makig you my wife some day. I respect you and your salvation above all your beauty in totality gives me sleepless nights on how i can get you. Sina kitu naja na roho yangu tu hivi hoping to find you Niccah.  and this I will one day confess on national TV. With regards,Ricc Berry

Eric claims to be very serious about his declared intent. He posted a follow-up comment the next day after his outrageous confession:

and incase you thought it was a joke… you wrong.

We can look at this in two ways:
This guy according to his social media pages is not only a hotelier but also an artiste. Could this be his masterplan for fame and recognition as an artiste? Of course, after he came out clean claiming he loves Nicah, he is now gaining notoriety.

The other angle could be that he actually has seen all she has to offer and he fell in love with her. Nicah has gone through a lot, from her days of Dr. Ofweneke to Harmonize who is clearly still with his mzungu girlfriend.

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Eric is willing to step up and prove to be above her exes. I know you have been waiting to see him. So meet Eric Okello the man whose heart has been stolen by the endowed gospel artiste Nicah The Queen:

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