Traveling is fun! Don’t you agree? If you’re going to Nakuru for a week’s stay, just to enjoy your stay at the national park you definitely need a good bag. You need a light one so that it doesn’t stress you while you’re moving around.

Well, the problem of having to carry big travel bags has been solved. The Israel Project has come up with a nice bag. It is small in size but when you need to carry more stuff without having to use an extra bag, it works just perfectly.

The idea has received accolades and coverage from CNET, Yahoo News, ABC News and Gizmodo.

The bag project which was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year is going to revolutionize travel in the world. It is inflatable so that it gains more carrying capacity. Take a look at the video below and tell me what you think:

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter profile:

Will you buy the bag?

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