Sugar MOmmy

Life in campus is difficult, more so for the male species. For the first time in their lives, they are alone in an ocean of women. All the kinds of girls they dreamed of in high school have converged in one place; and, there are no rules. They can be with whoever they want. For most guys, the pressure to impress these girls is too high. And when their meagre pocket money is stretched too thin and all their HELB loan goes to their fees, they can only resort to their only other option; Sugar Mummies. So how do you spot a campus boy with a sugar mummy? Read on:

Signs That A Campus Girl Has A Sugar Daddy

1. From Bonoko to Bien Aime.

He was your regular village boy: screaming “Guchi” and “Versache” labels, Fake hightops, dusty coloured hair, snapbacks turned back on his head and of course, the staple sagged, baggy jeans. Suddenly, the fake high tops have been traded in for some really clean loafers, the coloured hair has been shorn off and the screaming fake designer clothes have been traded for a sweater and khakis.