Naliaka Daisy Odeko

Daisy Odeko commonly known by her stage name Naliaka is taking over the acting industry. Naliaka, who acts as Papa Shirandula’s daughter in a local TV comedy, is indeed giving her counterparts a run for their money. Ever since she started acting, she has become a darling to many.

Naliaka is not only an actor but a God fearing woman. Whenever she is not on set, the humble lass is always in church spreading the gospel or doing some charity work for the society.

This Is The Other Side Of Papa Shirandula’s Naliaka You Never Knew, You Will Be Shocked

Well, just like Awinja their “househelp”, Naliaka is also a beautiful woman and a fashion enthusiast, though not so much into fashion like her counterpart. Below are some best photos of Naliaka that will Team Mafisi salivating, flip through

Isn’t she gorgeous?