Jameson Live was left utterly shafted by 2 Chainz failing to show up and everyone and their mother took shots at them. Then again, I have no idea of what passes off as fun these days. And yes, I saw Larry Madowo invite Mishy Amina and some ugly lass to The Trend to talk some type of way about 2 Chainz not showing up as if it was Jameson’s fault.


And no, this has nothing to do with conflicts of interests because I prefer Johnnie Walker to Jameson any day -yeah, I said it. Anyway, I saw the manly lady¬† (the one with a muscular face) ask “Who exactly is 2 Chainz” and I remember thinking… And you’re involved in the entertainment industry how? Because your looks cannot be it.


Anyway, away from all that, everyone that paid opted not to waste their monies and they came out to have a good time. The show was packed with young, beautiful, scantily dressed ladies and some yobs.

Trust that Mpasho was there and we got all the ratchetness and all the action that went down but for now, let’s just go into getting a feel of how the concert went down.

Check out some of the pictures below: