Willy Paul msafi
Willy carrying Valerie's casket

Just like most big artistes in Kenya, gospel singer Willy Paul did not have a beautiful life at his young age. He was born and raised in Mathare slums of Nairobi.

Willy Paul is said to have been brought up by a single mother after his father died.

He thriving on controversy, thus his recent released, a single dubbed Jigi Jigi has been criticised by many.

Well, the award-winning singer posted a photo with a very touching message about how his family had to struggle to even raise money for his dad’s casket after he died.

See the message below;


“My story is really a story!! I don’t talk about my past because I’m not a sympathy seeker!! I get so hurt when people say hurtful things to me without thinking of the impact after!! I am a very strong young man. The life I lived before; when my late Dad (Paul) was still alive….. was beyond umaskini ( poverty)
My dad was a carpenter in the slums of Mathare KENYA But when he died there was no money to buy his body a casket!! We didn’t have money to pay for the mortuary.. we were forced to do unbelievable things just to get him a cheap casket of about 4500 kenya shillings!! A casket that even had holes.. .. .. I will tell you more soon when I gather the energy to!

The life I’m living today, only God can tell how appreciative of it I am.”

Here are some reactions from fans;

Alphon Abu I remember us organizing so many keshaz at roof top tumaini house. Why would money and fame want to change you?! You used to be a very good friend of mine back then. What changed!!!?

Oscar Salano I came to realize people only comments shit in this man’s post to get more like and replies,. Do they make you heroes after insulting him. You seem to be very holyguys then pray for him if he is not saved muwache Umama na ujinga. You don’t have to judge him. He will stand besides you on the judgement day and all of you will be answerable to what they did. I hate pretenders

Rafler Engneer Your mistake was when you forgot that past that made you who you are.
Uko na bragging mingi sana, probably work on it. Thank people for correcting you.
Nobaddy cares to know if u bought your mom a galaxy & neither is when you gift a jacket to your jigijigi girlfriend….”#guy_code

T-moh Tymmoh Your story should motivate others to love God and life.. But when your bad characters outshine your past story,Those you lead get lost my self being one of them. ‘So brother just decrease and allow God to increase that He may use you for His Glory.