Hello football lovers! This probably ranks among the best news you’ve heard about what’s happening in communities. Stout beer brand Guinness is set to refurbish four community football pitches across the country under the program ‘Made Of Football’ that was launched last week at Jiweke Tavern in Nairobi.

The program runs until June 2017 and apart from renovation of the fields, they will also set up community viewing centers across the country to facilitate the large viewership of the EPL matches.

“Plans to renovate community pitches in Kenya have been long overdue. Many clubs and players train on rough pitches with uneven surfaces that have inherent injury risks. The Guinness Made of Football pitch renovations will deliver spaces where not only clubs but entire communities can come together and play their favorite game,” said Kenya Breweries Limited Sales Director, Andrew Kilonzo.

“The pitches to be renovated will be decided after consultation with the local communities in the respective areas,”

“Therefore, in addition to the pitch makeovers, Guinness will set up mobile viewing centres where EPL football matches will be aired live on large screens in 57 locations in Kenya. The centres, expected to reach 60,000 fans, are designed to give fans a stadium ambiance complete with great watching space and state of the art screens for football fans,” he added.

Under the initiative, fans will be rewarded with instant prizes through the consumer promotion dubbed ‘Get Booked’ where six people will win a trip to the United Kingdom to watch a live EPL match as well as the KES 1 Million cash prizes. The promotion is currently running in over 5,000 bars across the country till December 18th 2016.

If you want to participate and you think you know football,  start here – www.guinnessgetbooked.co.ke/

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