The varisty has released follow-up  information to the happening that saw scores of senior students admitted in hospitals due to apparent food poisoning. The latest development shows that most of the students have been attended to by the institution’s Medical Center.

More Than 150 Strathmore University Students Admitted In Hospitals [Details]

Here’s the report:

“Strathmore University confirms the regrettable incident of food poisoning that occurred on Friday, 20 th March , 2015 to our fourth year students and staff members who had attended the Seniors Dinner at the University Auditorium.Catering services for this event were outsourced and investigations have been launched to establish the cause of the food poisoning.

As of Saturday morning, some of the affected students had contacted the University and were directed to the Strathmore Medical Centre. By end of day, the Medical Centre had handled majority of the 80 reported cases.

Most complaints included stomach pains, vomiting, high fever and running stomach, the severity of each case dependent on each student. The University has undertaken the responsibility of covering the medical expenses of the affected students.

Today’s statistics indicate that 25 students are still receiving medical attention. Members of the University have been in touch with the affected students. The University’s medical doctor has asserted that the reported cases resulted from food poisoning.”

At Mpasho News, we wish the students better health.